Welcome and thank you for visiting the Astronomical Society of Rowan County’s official web site. We hope you find our web site useful and invite you to let us know what you think by using the form on our contact page.

The main purpose for the site is to make information about our club readily available to the public. Seriously, if someone just moved to the area and is interested in astronomy, how are they gonna find us? The internet of course. And we want to make ourselves accessible to teachers, parents, and especially the students in hopes that we may be able to stimulate at least a little interest in the awe inspiring field of astronomy.

Statistics indicate that Science and Math appear to be problem areas for many of our students, often reflected in low test scores and a general lack of interest in these subjects. Studies indicate that a hands on approach may be the very best way to address this problem and stimulate interest. By offering students a chance to explore and witness first hand the beauty and wonder of the natural universe, we inspire and encourage them to use their minds while enhancing their critical thinking skills.

Of course providing each student, or even each school with the resources needed for observational astronomy could be a costly venture for the schools and ultimately the taxpayer. A more logical, and affordable approach would be to utilize the resources already available to the community, and that’s where we come in.

We provide the experience, knowledge, and equipment as a service to the community FREE of charge. Our club and many like it are now working together to provide public outreach to schools, churches, civic organizations, and the general public by setting up telescopes in places like the Mall, Churches, Neighborhoods, and Private Homes. We know the interest is there; often, the only hurdle is access to the proper equipment and knowledgeable people willing to help.

Unfortunately the odds are stacked against us and our goal to study the night sky and inspire our youth. A rampant problem has spread across the planet like a rouge virus, it is called light pollution. We are deeply concerned about the negative impact light pollution is having on our ability view of the stars, and we support the IDA’s efforts at improving outdoor lighting technique for the benefit of all life on earth. Some recent estimates indicate that most of the worlds population can no longer experience a natural unhindered view of the Night Sky. But it doesn’t stop there, because light pollution affects everyone, not just astronomers. Scientific research has revealed that there are health, safety, and security risks associated with Light Pollution. It is also known to have negative effects on plants and animals while contributing to our planets global warming.

Please visit our Light Pollution page for more information.