Solar Eclipse Safety

Partial Solar Eclipse 23 oct 2014
Partial Solar Eclipse 23 oct 2014 by Nathan Bolinger
The 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse is nearly upon us, and safety should be the first thing on our minds.

Remember, never look directly at the sun without proper eye protection or you could end up with permanent vision loss, and NO sunglasses don’t count in this context.

If you are setting up telescopes, binoculars or other observing devices, be sure they are all continuously manned by someone with proper training.

If you are using telescopes with solar filters, be sure your finderscope is also properly fitted with a filter, or completely removed from the telescope.

Safe, solar glasses are being sold all over the place, but some of those in circulation have proven to be counterfeits and unsafe to use. If you are unsure if the ones you have are the real ones or not, air on the side of caution and do not use them.

As an alternative we have included links to a few resources that will help you make a simple pinhole camera. This will allow you to safely view the solar eclipse.